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Why stop layering in your sweaters every autumn? Instead, embrace the natural change of seasons by layered up your entire Winter Jewelry collections. If you're the type of person who usually dresses up an entire fall or winter outfit using a plain scarf which would normally hide any Winter necklace you wear, this is an excellent look to go with. The good thing about this is that any necktie you use with the layered look will still look stylish and fashionable. In addition, you can easily layer your own jewelry because they are very wearable and versatile pieces.

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For example, take the brooch as an example above. You can use it to create a piece of winter jewelry that looks like what we have discussed above. To make jewelry that makes you look like you just stepped out of the fashion runway, then you should use a brooch as your accessory instead of any other jewelry because brooches look like real jewels in every way. A brooch can be a diamond, silver, gold or any other precious stone, and it will add a real wow factor to your overall look.

But before you layer your whole collection of winter jewelry, you need to decide whether you want to do a simple Brooch Scarf or if you want to layer with stones or gems. If you want something with diamonds, then either buy a Diamond brooch or a Diamond chain as your accessory at your favourite Toronto Jeweller. And if you want something with smaller stones, you can also get them in yellow gold or silver as your base stones. No matter what your choice may be, you will find that brooches and chains look absolutely stunning. It's quite impossible not to fall in love with them especially when you pair it up with a thin Winter evening gown and those delicate snow-white socks that you just can't stop yourself from pulling off.

Another popular alternative is jewelry that has real pearl accents. These can be used on the neckline or as a part of the brooch or chain that you'll wear as your accessory. Pearl jewelry for girls is usually either accented by small semi-precious stones such as freshwater pearls or garnet. You can layer your entire collection of pearl jewelry with matching gold chains to create a sophisticated yet casual look that will make you feel really classy.

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Thin bands and thick chains also feature as part of winter jewelry trends and these are usually accompanied by a wide variety of gemstones or crystals. You can either opt for white gold or sterling silver that will complement your overall look. You may also find that these accessories come in various shapes including chunky, oval or rectangular.

Last but not least, black jewelry is always a great way to update your winter wardrobe and it's a trend that will continue to grow and prosper throughout the coming year. Black is a classic color that goes well with most clothing styles. If you have black hair, you'll find this accessory a perfect way to bring attention to your shoulders and neck while adding an edgy edge to your ensemble. The right black earring or necklace set coupled with a killer pair of winter gloves and a sleek winter coat are all you need to complete this look.

Buying gold has been an irreplaceable tradition for many generations in India and abroad. Some buy gold for the sheer aesthetics and some buy for showcasing their regality or for gifting purpose. However with the advent of time, most people today are turning to buy gold coins for investment purposes.

The gold price which is most likely to increase with an astonishing pace in the years, to come is a source of good investment and sufficient profit. However, when it comes to these bullion coins, the tricky part is buying them.

With the growing number of scams in the market, along with unscrupulous dealers, it’s very easy to get swayed into buying fake gold coins. Hence, if you’re recently planning to buy these bullion coins, then here are valued tips to help you pick a genuine item.

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Tip 1: Notice the Purity

Depending on the kind of gold you will be purchasing, it’s vital to ensure that you’re paying for the correct amount. Often unethical dealers falsely sell tarnished gold and charge a higher price. Hence, it’s vital to know the purity of gold. Measured per thousand grams in carats, the purest gold is 24 carat or 24 K.

So, as per the money paid, ask your seller to give gold coins which are marked. These products normally have engravings like 24K with numbers like 990 indicating fineness.

Tip 2: Go for Hallmarked Products

Hallmarking involves stamping or laser stretching the mark of purity on a gold item. Hence, when you buy gold products from a reputed seller, one that provides hallmarked products are likely to be more genuine.

Moreover, hallmarked products feature the year of hallmarking along with the identity of the jeweler, ensuring the credibility and genuineness of both the seller and product sold.

Tip 3: Coins to Eliminate Making Charges

The making charge levied on any jewelry depends on the time and amount of craftsmanship needed to manufacture the product. Now, this is why complicated handmade jewelry and intrinsic machine made jewelry are charged normally higher.

Henceforth, most people anyhow prefer to buy gold coins which are machine made as it eliminates the making price.  So, if you’re not buying for aesthetic purpose and simply wish to boost investment go for the machine printed.

Tip 4:  Be Vigilant of the Packaging

The packaging is an important factor to consider while buying gold products or coins. Ensure that the package you’re provided with is not tampered with. Also, notice the shine, weight, and body of the gold to look for signs of discoloration or other markings. For a more certain result, you can try the density, magnet and bite test to verify if you’re gold is authentic or not.

Tip 5: The Shop Matters

As mentioned, the frauds selling products in a digitalized world is plenty. So, instead of being swayed by offers, it’s best to buy authentic products from shops that have a good reputation. Check testimonial, go through credentials, and also look for hallmarking etc. to ensure that you are sold a genuine product.

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So, that’s about it! With these 5 tips rest assured that you will not be tricked into buying fake gold coins. Now, make the smart buy and enjoy a fruitful investment.