Custom Binders: The Best For You

Binders are a very practical and frequently used solution for any loose leaf project or requirements. No matter for company projects or for school ones, binding is a common option which people opt for. Usually, the common binding style involves putting the printed company information on both the front and backsides and the tab dividers are used to fill up the middle portion of insides. Some also use color printing for the inside parts and because of the sheer variety of products for which it is used even this simple format can turn out to be expensive.

So one can imagine the amount it must cost for custom made binders which are suited to specific projects or occasions. Yet, professional looking custom made binders are always the better choice because even if they are printed out domestically, the customer binders are well worth the money put in as they convey an image which depicts trustworthiness and quality to the reader. But this can seem like an unattainable choice for those who have budget constraints.

binders custom

But there is a way to even improve upon the domestically made custom binders. This is by sending a custom binding project over the oceans. It will surely make for more room in regards to creativity as the printing options will be as varied as the imagination can allow for. Offshore printing options can get you custom binders:

  • Which are wrapped up with leather, cloth or full-color printing?
  • Put in more additional cover stuff, which can be made up of wood, metal, silk and more.
  • There's more in the form of accessories like rounded spines, sewn edges, custom colored rings, embossing or additional slipcase.

There is an "On the Mark Fool-Proof System," which reduces offshore printing risks for custom binders to almost zero as it offers an actual proof right from the printing press itself. But the newly done finished proof allows one to see the finished product as proof.

If projects require additional binding then the first step is just approving the color as perfect color must match with the perfect binding. There are loads more steps which ensure that the project is done perfectly, according to the wishes of the client.

custom binders

Some examples of Clients liking the proof system are:

  • A client chose to have a binder and a tab set full with 11 Pantone colors, rounded spines, and a three rings closure. This requires accuracy to carry out and an ink-on-a-paper proof allowed the client to rest assured of his work is safely done.
  • Others chose to print their home study interactive program which was a 376-page book which came with 14 tabs along with other features. As expected, that client also liked proof of his work.

Offering proof of the finished products allows for confidence to build up as the client knows what they are ultimately looking. It allows trust and a good business relationship to foster amongst the parties which helps not just the business, but also the new style of binding to become more famous.